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Raunchy Lager Can
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Raunchy Lager, the first beer launched by Raunchy Brewing Company June 2022.  Raging since 1985 the Promotions team is taking WA by storm becoming the fastest Lager yet.
Heavy Diesel, the first IPA launched by Raunchy Brewing Company in January 2023.  Launched at Fringe in The Raunchy Beer Garden. Inspired by the WA mining industry the owner being a Heavy Diesel Mechanic.
Slic Chix, launching February 2023.  Named at the first and only ever nude eating experience in Perth.
Sir Henry's Irish Stout Launching St. Patrick's Day 2023. Named after a famous Night Club in Cork Ireland, now no longer standing Nirvana Played there in 1991.
Beer Awards Medal_Gold 2023.png
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